Compost bins made largely from sawmill
offcuts - easy on the eye and
environmentally friendly

A large walled vegetable garden made
more manageable by dividing it into 
smaller, raised beds with a herb bed and a
cut flower bed enclosed in Box hedging.

Respect for the client and the planet

• Wildlife friendly gardening
• Planning for sustainability
• An organic approach

Respecting our planet

When designing a new garden Chris will assess the potential for eco-friendly landscaping. She aims to minimise negative impact on the environment while providing an attractive and functional outdoor space for her client to love and enjoy. Biodiversity and sustainability are high on her agenda, combined with aesthetics and functionality.

A Sound Approach to Landscaping
Strategic use of landscaping materials, proper soil preparation and Chris’s planting schemes are conducive to encouraging healthy plants and beneficial wildlife. Ultimately this forethought reduces the need for chemical controls within her customers’ gardens.
Garden Advice and Tuition
Chris can advise her clients on the recycling of useful garden waste within the site, as an integral part of the garden’s ongoing maintenance. She can teach certain simple practices which help to keep the soil conditioned and plants strong and healthy, thereby better equipped to fight off disease and pest attacks over the years.

Customer Satisfaction
In thirty-two years of business Chris has acquired a large number of satisfied customers. This being the case, much of her garden work is gained by word-of-mouth and recommendation. Her enjoyment of the design process is reflected in her ideas and drawings while her passion for plants is infectious!

Reliability and Trust
At Prime Design honesty and integrity are considered to be important business assets, along with reliability and attention to detail in every aspect of the work. Staff members are expected to uphold the highest standards and ethics, especially important when working within a customer’s property.

Happy Customers
Chris aims to keep her customers informed throughout and beyond the design and build process, and to ensure their delight (and their neighbours’ envy!) at the final result. Once a garden project is completed, Chris will be glad to return on an occasional or regular basis to give help and advice on maintenance issues.

“Some years ago, on the recommendation of friends, we approached Chris Gibbs to help us redesign our north Oxford garden. She came up with lots of good ideas, which we were happy to accept. Since then the changes she carried out have matured and are much admired by visitors. Chris continues to keep a watchful eye on the garden as it develops, and has put in many hours to keep it looking its best. We strongly recommend Prime Design to anyone wanting to improve and maintain the look of their garden.”
Mr. and Mrs. Crowther, Oxford.
Christine Gibbs NCHGD - award winning garden designer servicing the Thames Valley, Berkshire, Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire.
Tel. 01491 642182.
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