Answers to your Questions

Q: What's the first step to getting my new garden?
Ring or email Chris Gibbs to make an appointment for an initial consultation, where she will visit your home to discuss your requirements and budget, and give you some ideas on how to overcome problem areas and improve your garden. This will incur a consultation fee of £60. Telephone 01491 642182 or 07929 633384 to book an appointment. 

Q: What comes next?
If you wish to go ahead with a design, Chris will make another appointment to carry out a site analysis and a client survey. The site analysis enables Chris to produce accurate drawings of the proposed garden, to choose appropriate plants for the site and soil type, and to calculate materials required for implementation of the design once approved.

The client survey allows Chris to discuss in depth what you want to achieve from your garden including particular features that you seek or problems that you wish to eradicate. Preferred styles, plants, materials, garden usage and so on are discussed at this point.  It is important to spend time on these details since the information exchanged at this meeting will help Chris to come up with an affordable garden design which you will love - and a garden that works for you in practical terms. It is helpful if the client can provide pictorial examples of 'likes' and 'dislikes' at this stage.

Q: How much will it cost for Prime Design to design my garden?
The design fee is based on an hourly rate and so the size, shape and complexity of the design are all contributory factors. A small border or garden area might be £200 - £250. A small simple town garden design may be in the £400 - £500 mark, depending on how many features are required. A whole front and back garden redesign will be rather more (unless you have a very small garden!) As a guide, a detailed design for a complete garden makeover for a three bed semi might cost £700 to £1200. At the initial consultation Chris is able to estimate what the design fee will be.

Q: What do I get for my money?
A: The garden design will comprise an accurate colour sketch plan drawn to scale, with levels accounted for and enough information for a skilled landscaper to be able to build the garden from the plan. Supporting artists impressions of some elements are sometimes included to clarify certain aspects, and usually a plant list and written description of the envisaged finished garden.

Larger gardens will be more expensive as there is more work involved, not least in the process of measuring the site and plotting elements within it.  By the same token, a smaller or simpler design will be less expensive... it all comes down to the length of time spent on the project. An estimate can be given at the initial consultation, when Chris can gauge how long the work is likely to take.

Q. Are there any extra design costs?
Not usually, but it depends. Every design is different as it is fulfils individual customers needs. If outside contractors are to be used to implement the design, sometimes they will need construction drawings - the landscaper's equivalent to assembly instructions! These are extra. Detailed planting plans are also extra but rarely necessary if Prime Design carries out the planting.

If you wish Chris to make significant changes or additions to the drawing, to provide additional copies of the plan, or to carry out extra work that had not been discussed at the original client brief, these may incur a charge. The design will contain enough information within it for Prime Design, or another contractor, to provide an estimate for constructing the garden. The construction cost is completely seperate.

If another contractor is employed to carry out the construction work Chris will be willing (and keen!) to oversee the project and liaise with the builder if requested. This will be charged at an hourly rate.

Q: How soon will I have my design?
It depends how many projects Chris has in progress at the time; designs are dealt with on a first come, first served basis. Usually it will take three to four weeks between client brief and presentation of the design, but small projects may sometimes be carried out more quickly while larger or more complicated ones may need more time.

Q: How do I contact Chris?
Ring 07929 633384 or 01491 642182 to speak to her or send an email if you don't mind waiting a day or two for a response. 

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